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Dysport is a minimally invasive wrinkle solution that is injected into targeted areas on the face to relax muscles that are creating creases. The result is fewer wrinkles and smoother skin. Patients looking for treatment with Dysport in Boca Raton or Davie can contact IconMD Medical Spa & Laser Center for a consultation.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a type of botulinum toxin that is primarily intended to be injected into the glabellar lines. These areas are often called frown lines and are found in the area between the eyebrows. Dysport can also be used to resolve horizontal forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, perioral lip lines, chin wrinkles, and more.

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Before & After

  • Dysport Before & After
  • Dysport Before & After
  • Dysport Before & After
  • Dysport Before & After

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At IconMD Medical Spa & Laser Center, we like to focus on the after results because how you look and feel
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How Does Dysport Work?

A Dysport injection in key areas of the face restricts muscle movement by blocking nerve impulses to overused facial muscles. This relaxes the muscles, allowing the overlying skin to relax. As a result, the affected spots become wrinkle-free and look more youthful.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dysport?

Dysport Consultation

Patients who are suffering from fine age lines can be good candidates for a Dysport treatment. Ideal candidates for this treatment are those under the age of 65, are in overall good health, and have realistic expectations in terms of results.

Patients with moderate or severe wrinkles are not encouraged to try Dysport and can be better served with dermal fillers. The same goes for patients who are 66 years old and over.

Your Dysport Consultation

During a Dysport consultation, the targeted wrinkles on the patient’s face will be examined. The patient will also be asked questions regarding any allergies or medications they may be taking.

Questions about smoking or drinking habits will also be brought up. After the patient is cleared for the procedure, the treatment and aftercare steps will be explained.

Your Dysport Session

A Dysport treatment can be done in the doctor’s office. Before the solution is injected into the muscles, a mild topical anesthetic might be applied to prevent pain. The injections will typically target five areas surrounding the forehead and the eyebrows, depending on where the wrinkles are located.

The entire procedure will typically not last longer than 20 minutes. Once the solution has set, the patient will be free to leave right away.

Dysport Aftercare

Dysport Session

After receiving the Dysport treatment, patients can go home immediately. No recovery time or downtime is needed. Results will be visible after two to three days. Due to the impermanence of this treatment, patients will need to return for a maintenance treatment after a few months when the wrinkles return.

How Much Does Dysport Cost?

Patients can learn the cost of a Dysport treatment when they contact IconMD Medical Spa & Laser Center. The final price is affected by the number of injections needed, the number of units of Dysport used, and other factors.

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Contact IconMD Medical Spa & Laser Center for a consultation to learn more about Dysport in Boca Raton. This will help clear up any concerns or questions that you may have.

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